this was truly a recognition week. who knew? blessed and thankful. 😊 #dumaguete #pressconference
Sharing how i started the Theresian Justice Advocates. I am just so happy that even though I graduated back in 2012, TJA still lives and is still composed of passionate theresians who are willing to continue what we’ve started. To the 4th batch of TJA, KUMBATI!!! ☺️ (at Genesis Valley Mountain Resort)
what i love about 2pm sunday cafe are the sticky notes posted on the walls. whoever wrote this inspired me to turn to the next page rather than closing the book. 😊 thank you for being an inspiration strangers.
2014 Talisay Outstanding Students. Thank you for inviting me as panel. Celebrate. Affirm. Inspire. ☺️
This advocacy group started as a mere vision. Back in 2011, we dreamt that we would expand our network to different schools and achieve that ripple effect. 
We were able to realize this vision. We expanded to 4 different schools creating the Metro Cebu Justice Advocates (MCJA).
Knowing that we are the first group in the philippines to join the “stand4freedom” worldwide campaign made me proud. But what made me more proud are the justice advocates. Seeing them so committed to the advocacy, trying to raise awareness, creating a family of concerned citizens, and seeing them gather and travel from one place to another educating different communities, i couldnt help but smile and just look at them and be so thankful that GOD allowed this to happen.
This is when i saw HOPE. Hope that indeed, we could really achieve our visions. 
Our ultimate goal is to end slavery: Human Trafficking. 
But this time, we cannot do this on our own, we need your help to be the voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. Yes, people may reject or ignore you but trust me, they may have done that but i know we somehow gave them something to think about. 
Be careful. Spread the word. Together, lets STAND FOR FREEDOM. -Wilma Elizabeth A. Rada
Justice Advocate, Founder TJA 
FYI: 75% of the 9 Billion trafficked victims all over the globe come from the philippines. (at University of the Philippines Cebu)
4th HS Debate Championships. Thank you for the invite! ☺️ #judge (at Marcelo Fernan Hall Of Justice)
Why TOSP? Why did i come here? Because my wife told me, “you will see the future there.” Finalists, now you know that there is someone out there who believes in you. -Atty. T. ☺️ #inspired #tosp #centralvisayas (at Bohol tropics resort)
thank you for the invite! ☺️ #seekjustice #advocacy (at Usc Main)
thank you for the inspiration #passionfriends. ☺️❤️
A: i volunteer and agree to facilitate young leaders because these people are crazy enough to think that they can change the world.. and I’m crazy enough to believe them. ❤️#serviceaboveself